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The situation of children in Angola at the end of the war was catastrophic. Less than half of all children attended school. A 2005 estimated (UNICEF MIX) that over 70% of first grade-aged children (six year olds) failed to enter school. Development Workshop and its local government and NGO partners have been working to alleviate this crisis via assisting the integration of children back into the educational system through a programme of school rehabilitation and construction. The programme provides assistance to communities in constructing low-cost schools and locally producing school furniture and other equipment employing local materials, training and community labour.

DW has worked with Ireland, Canada, Switzerland, the European Union, British Petroleum and ESSO/Mobil in a programme of school rehabilitation and new low cost construction. The programme integrates its activities with complementary educational programmes of government and international partners such as UNICEF. Girls in particular are targeted; many do not currently attend school, either because they have never had the opportunity to enrol, or because they dropped out for reasons related to economic stress or insecurity.  DW has assisted in the construction and rehabilitation of over 120 schools in the central war-affected provinces and a further 80 schools in Luanda’s peri-urban areas in support of local community initiatives.


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